God Blessed Morning Family! 

I Am never alone for God and I are One. Praise God for He not only gave me Life He accompanies me along this journey for He is my Shepherd and He shall never forsake me. The shadows that I cast give the impression that I walk alone but it is that single shadow that confirms His constant presence in my Life for it is His Light which casts the shadow of my silhouette. You see because of Him there is no darkness, for even though some darkness might fall upon our path it is His Light Within that will always illuminate our path in which He guides us through. For if and when darkness must fall Know that you are not alone for He not only walks along with us casting shadows He carries us through the darkness for it is His embrace that shields us from those that come against us. He not only watches over us He leads us through this journey and when we feel we cannot go on He is there to lift us up and carry us through the battles which are not ours to fight. For He is Peace amongst the chaos and the Light that casts our shadows. He leads and carries us through the darkness for we are never alone and can never be lonely for He is the reason we are One. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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