God Blessed Morning Family! 

These have become very challenging times where people have become more vocal about their hatred of the differences we share in gender, skin color and culture; with one group claiming superiority over the other and wanting to physically cause harm to one another because of these differences. They even desire for it to become socially acceptable to openly display this discontent for one another. The unfortunate thing is that this hatred on all sides goes against the word of God where He says we must Love one another for we are all His Children made in His image. As a Loving Father He finds us all to be equal in His eyes for we are One and the hatred that is displayed towards one another is trully a reflection of self hatred and exists because we do not Love ourselves for if we did we would not hate those that did not look, speak or act in the same manner as we do. We must even Love those who hate for they are a reflection of an inner self in which we choose not to reflect. The ugliness in which can be seen displayed as discrimination is self hatred and until we Love each other unconditionally as God Loves us we will never Love ourselves or Know the true meaning of the Love of God for there is no other form of Love that exists. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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