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God Blessed Morning Family. 

Praise God for all that Life circumstances might take from man know that His Love is always present and this becomes more evident in the actions of man in the aftermath for what is taken/destroyed His Love will replace. As nature appears to battle the earth with storms, tornados, hurricanes, fires and such the damage is always devastating to behold, but there is something more pure developed in the aftermath. For we find that we extend a caring and loving hand to those we don't know regardless of their income, age, education, race, gender or medical/mental or criminal background. For when we see someone in need it is in our nature to be of service and this is the glorious thing about these tragedies, for we forget about the superficial and we begin to react from our heart. I would never wish the destruction of nature or man upon anyone because the loss that it brings is difficult to accept, but the aftermath of working together to get back to normal is something that bonds us and changes our perspective on Life. For we begin to tear down the false walls is superiority in which we built in order to identify ourselves as different from each other and we come together as One the way God intended us to be. We put aside our petty ways and allow our Spirits to shine through the darkness and shadows of destruction in an attempt to right what we think nature has wronged. It would be great if we could care for one another in this manner without experiencing the destruction of nature but sometimes man hardens his heart to the point that nothing can penetrate it other than experiencing a tragedy that brings home the reality of the value of Life and Love not material things, for all the gold and money in the world cannot buy you Love or Life for they are bestowed upon us by God. In the aftermath we might face devastation and destruction but Love can never be destroyed and through this Love there is an outpour of caring and support that follows.  For what nature and man can destroy God is always present with Love and the gift of eternal Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 


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