God Blessed Morning Family! 

Peace Be With You. You might be in an environment of total chaos but Peace is always available to you for you hold it Within you. Peace is not some object you can buy or barter for it is not a wish or desire it is a state of Being. No matter what your environment when you walk with God you are at Peace. Chaos and confusion come to you because you invite it into your Life. Peace is not something you invite into your Life for it is already a part of you for Within you is the Spirit of Peace. For Peace is a part of our natural state of mind, being and makeup. We were created in Peace by the Master of Peace, the Prince of Peace died to save us from our sins and God has forgiven us of our trespasses for Peace is not an event it is entwined in every intricate part of our Being. Our thoughts, actions and motivations are generated from Peace and our attempts to stay in Peace when we feel it is being challenged by outside forces. When the ocean began to thrash and the disciples began panic for fear of perishing they awoke Christ from his slumber to tell Him of their fears. As Christ spoke the words, Peace Be Still", He was not speaking these words to calm the ocean He was placing the energy of Peace He has Within into the environment so that it would connect with the Peace which surrounds the universe in order to over power the energy of fear and doubt that the disciples allowed to take over their thoughts. For they invited chaos into their environment and into their state of Being and Christ showed them that Peace is not an action or desire it is a state of Being. I pray that you Know you are Peace and only you can control your level of Peace in your environment from Within. Peace Be With You. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 

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