God Blessed Morning Family! 

Seek God first in all that you do, and before you do anything seek God first, and while you are doing it keep God first, and when you have completed it keep God first. For He is in everything you do, and the answers you seek along the way He is providing to you. If everyone kept God first in every action there would be no strife or discourse or distrust amongst us for all of our actions would be pure of heart. There was a time when we could leave our homes and vehicles unlocked and return and find everything undisturbed: these days are far and few, for man has somehow determined that trust is to be earned rather than freely given. For not everyone you encounter walks in His Light even when they claim to be walking in Faith. If you seek God first in everything you do then you are walking in Faith and there is no need to distrust those you meet for He is watching out for you and those that mean you no good will be revealed, for they do not walk in His Light they choose to hide in the shadows of the valley. As we walk in His Light we shall fear no evil for evil has no power to penetrate the Light of God. This is why when you seek Him first everything you do is done in His Light and any and all weapons formed against you shall not prosper. When you seek God First you will never be forsaken or led astray. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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