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God Blessed Morning Family! 

In Life there may come a time where we feel that someone has trespassed against us. If you got an opportunity at some point would you to trespass against them or would you turn the other check and forgive them? It is said that we shall do unto others as we shall have them do unto us, but what if they trespass against you shall you seek an eye for an eye? It is documented in the news everyday that bloodshed begets bloodshed and if you desire a Life of Peace it is not always the best choice to seek out revenge against thy enemies. For the opportunity to seek revenge is also a test of your Faith in leaving the battles to God for our karma can do way more damage to us than we can do unto each other. For karma never forgets a right and a wrong and karma always gives us our do, for it is filled with the energy in which we produced bad and good, for there will come a time in which karma will always return unto us what energy we have placed into the universe. For our energy never dies it accumulates similar energy and is returned unto us in His Divine Order of Time. Therefore, if and when you get the opportunity to strike back at those who have trespassed against you choose to leave it to the Will of God for your Faith will show you that through patience and forgiveness vengeance is not yours to be had but is in the hand of those who produce negative energy that is returned unto them in the form of karma. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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