God Blessed Morning Family! 

When you feel rundown and exhausted allow the Word of God to refuel your Soul. Taking a moment to Be Still And connect with the universe and God will give you the needed energy and strength to continue your journey. A moment of meditation and prayer not only does wonders for the mind but also refuels the body and Soul with the uplifting energy of God. For when we bow our heads and lift up our hearts to God in prayer we connect with His ever flowing energy of Love which fuels our Soul and allows us to recharge not only our energy levels but also our Faith in fulfilling our destiny. For when we are connected to God we find our inner strength and nothing can stop us for we realize that He is the true source of our everlasting power for He is the key source of energy that charges and recharges our heart, mind, body and Soul. For His words fuel our motivation to succeed and give us the determination and drive to accomplish what we find impossible for we realize that He is the source of all Light, Power and Energy that lets us Know all things are possible with God for it is He who strengthens us to achieve all things in Life. For this journey would be impossible to complete without the fuel of the Love of God that affirms Within us that all things are possible. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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