God Blessed Morning Family! 

If you believe in Christ then you believe that God can do all things. If you Know Christ then you Know that God can do all things even what man finds to be impossible for He is all things. There is no greater power than the Power of God, and there is only but one power and that is Love, for that we do and achieve is by the Love given unconditionally through the Grace of God. The Power of His Love can be heard and seen through the actions of Christ, for He knew that Judas was to betray Him but He Loved him anyway. He knew that those who crucified Him knew not what they were doing so He Loved them anyway and He prayed for God to forgive them of their sins. Although His journey was difficult and painful He willingly fulfilled God's Master Plan. Can we say we would do the same if we were faced with making the same or similar sacrifices? I say you would if you Know God the way Christ Knows Him. I say you would willingly lay down your Life to save another, for the Love if God is so great Within you that you would come to realize that His Master Plan is not about the individual it is about us Knowing that we are many but we are also One in Spirit. For when you Know God you fear no weapons, you worry not and you see the bigger picture of your Life. Christ Knew God as He walked amongst us for He never feared what was to be His destiny for He Knew there was a bigger picture than just saving the souls of a few that He could physically touch for He Knew that this was about saving the masses for generations to come. Would you make the same sacrifice if you Knew it would reach generations beyond your comprehension? I say with God by your side you can do all things even that which is impossible for man for you Know that He is the Light, the Power and the unconditional Love that binds us into our greatness of being many but also One. Be Still And Know That I Am. Amen. Hallelujah.   

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