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God Blessed Morning Family! 

If ever you are crossed by those you trusted just remember Psalms 37, for it reads that we are not to worry about those who have trespassed against us for they will be dealt with in His Divine Order of Time. It is not for us to seek revenge against those who we deem as evil doers for they shall be cut down and wither like herbs. They will be the cause of their own demise for Karma is a debt that must always be repaid no matter if it is good or bad for it is a form of energy in which we have created over a course of time that is linked to us like our DNA it can never be erased for once we create it it is as unique as its creator. Fret not means that we must not worry about the things in which others have done unto us for God is looking out for our wellbeing. Even though we must all repay our debts of Karma we don't necessarily have to create negative Karma because we have been mistreated by others. Never allow your actions to be based on the behavior of man for they have no control over you and as unique as your DNA is so is your Karma and when there comes a time for you to answer for your actions to God there will be no excuse for bad behavior. I imagine that one day we will all answer for our actions good and bad and I don't think we could say to God that our bad actions were based on the poor treatment suffered under others for this does not excuse our actions. This sound like something a Child would say in response to behaving badly, "he started it first" and I could imagine that God would reply to this statement, "Did I not make you an unique individual unlike no other independent of the actions of others, so why do you tell me about what others have done unto you, my question was about your choice of actions and no others." Live your Life as if you are to repay your debt to Karma and answer to God for your actions and you will have nothing to Fret about. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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