God Blessed Morning Family! 

Our expectations of others is based on our level of understanding. When they do not meet our expectations we become disappointed because they have not meet us at the level where we hold our understandings about Life, Love and Spirituality, but what we fail to understand is that we are not all on the same level when it comes to Life, Love and Spirituality. Some of us do not see beyond what is in front of us and some of us see His Light. The trouble comes in when we expect everyone to be on the same level for this may require some of us to step up or down and this is not how God defined our destiny for He wants us to receive each other at the level we are and not require each other to move up or down for where we are is where He defined us to be. Disappointment settles in when we fail to understand that we are to accept one another where we stand in this journey and not push each other to race ahead or slow down, for we must learn to meet one another where we are in our journey for this is where He wants us to be. I cannot push you into your greatness you must reach it Within His Divine Order of Time and for me to attempt to hold you to a level in which I understand goes against everything He has defined in His Master Plan. Therefore, as Moses and Jesus understood we must all understand that this journey is not just about you it is about all if us coming together where we stand and fulfilling our destiny based on His Master Plan and not our ideals and expectations of who, what and where we should be along this journey. He Lovingly accepts us no matter what level we are.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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