God Blessed Morning Family! 

The Eyes of God are upon you, for no matter what you do and where you are He sees all. Throughout your life you may make promises in prayer that you are not able to keep but you tell yourself and others that You are abiding by your prayer because you gave your word to God. This promise that you made is not to God but yourself and when you backslide and go back to doing what you said you would not do the only person you are hurting and disappointing is yourself. For the pain and guilt you will take on for going back on your promise is felt only by you for God is never disappointed in us for He Knows our heart and He sees everything. He Knew when we made our vow to Him that we would have challenges to do as we said we would do for He Knows That are intentions are honest but our flesh is weak. This is why His Love is unconditional for as long as we give into our desires of the flesh we will always struggle. Judas told Christ that he would not betray Him after He told him that he would. Christ Knew of the betrayal before it occurred for He Knew that as much as Judas loved Him his flesh was just as weak. Don't beat yourself up because of your failures, know that God forgives you no matter what and that it is what we do after we fall down that will define who we are in His eyes for He sees all. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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