God Blessed Morning Family!

Show me your heart and I will tell you who you are. Most of us tend to guard our hearts for they are the most vulnerable part of our physical make up but also the essence of our entire being. When we allow others into our heart we tend to share with them something deeper than intimacy for we are sharing and bearing our Soul. To connect with one another on this level is to become One in Spirit for our heart holds not only our deepest secrets it holds our sence of Love and the reason we exist for it is where God looks to see the intent of our actions and it is also where He speaks to us for His message is never spoken in our heads but always through our heart for this is where our Soul resides. Open your heart and you will begin to see the world through the eyes of God, for when we close our heart we shut our eyes to the beauty in which He has bestowed upon us. Do not allow your troubles or those who trespass against you to harden your heart for when we do that we close off our communication with God. Open your heart and allow what you fear will bring you pain to feel the power of God take over for His Light resided Within your entire being. Fear not for the Light of God not only brings you protection and guidance it bestows upon you an abundance of His Love which overshadows any reason in which you may justify hiding and or hardening your heart for fear of being hurt and or betrayed by others. Open your heart and be true to who He has created you to be which is a Loving reflection of His unconditional Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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