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God Blessed Morning Family! 

As gifts were being exchanged yesterday a question was put to me. They wondered if it was possible to wrap a gift from God. As I pondered this question the following answer came to me: it is impossible to wrap a gift from God, for it is Beautiful! For it is wrapped in your smile, your voice and your gaze upon me for every breath you take is a gift from God and every thought you have of me is a blessing in return. For God never wraps His gifts, He displays them all for everyone to see for the beauty is in the creation of everything He produces and is a reflection of Him, and to gaze upon you is truly a gift, as it is to hear your voice and be in your presence. No wrapping is necessary for you are all the gift the world, the universe, the heavens and I will ever need. For you are the full package unwrapped when birthed and never to be hidden away for a special occasion, for you were meant to be placed on God's pedestal to be displayed for all to see for you are a present which will never cease nor will you be ignored after 30 days or 30 seconds for you are not a gift that can be stored on a shelf, for your presence is not fleeting, for you are the ultimate gift that will last into eternity. Therefore, the answer to the question is No, for God's gifts need no paper or ribbons to adorn them for they are beautiful temples filled with His Light that can never be covered to disguise or conceal what God has meant to be seen and experienced by all which is your beauty inside and out for you are the ultimate gift. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.


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