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In the Scriptures the definition of the word talent means money and today we use it to mean a skill that is gifted from God and not learned. When pondering the word talent in the biblical sense its value is the same today as it was then. For the more talents on possesses the more they are well off today as defined then. For it is my talent if used and shared with others which gives rise to me not only increasing my income but also my connection with others and an opportunity to express not only how it is a gift from God but also His Mercy upon me in which I possess said talent. Today a talent can be anything in which we find comes instinctively easy for us to perform in which we do not acquire through a formal education but through the Divine Grace of God. It is not necessarily one thing or multiple things it can be an ability to make others feel at easy during times of turmoil or a skill that requires the use of hands to craft or write or draw. It can be many of things, and it is up to us to discover our talents and understand that they are meant to be shared with others as well as expanded upon, not hidden away or performed in secrecy as if our God given talents were to be ashamed of. In the Scriptures Jesus tells a story of how talents were given to three servants only to find that one hide the talents in fear of them being stolen or wasted and the other used his cautiously and sparingly and doubled his talents while the third servant that was given the most talent threw caution to the wind and greatly used his talents which caused them to double as well. When the Lord learned of their use He told the one servant who did not have enough Faith ( to give honor to the talents in which He bestowed upon him) to give his talents in which he had hidden to the servant that had multiplied his talents by taking flight and acknowledging the Mercy and Grace of God by displaying his talents fearlessly. Now I have described this story loosely but the understanding is clear,  when we doubt our talents and fear the utilization of them we begin to make a statement that we are not grateful for the gift of talent in which God has bestowed upon us and we suffer because of our lack of Faith. I thank God for my talents and my ability to share them with the world, universe and beyond for our talent is something to be valued, honored and allowed to flourish for they allow our Spirits to soar beyond the limits. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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