God Blessed Morning Family! 

As the door begins to close on one year God allows for the opening of another. In the coming year it is anticipated that Good things will come our way. The reality is that good things have come your way throughout your journey, it is that most of the time we have been so fixated on the bad things that we could not appreciate the Good in which God has bestowed upon us on a constant basis. Think about it this way we were born knowing how to breath for it is a part of our automatic process, and therefore we take this action for granted until it is compromised with a cold. As our breathing is impaired we begin to long to breath again without any obstructions or restrictions. This is exactly what we do when difficult times occur, for we tend to take the Good times for granted and when faced with difficulties we long for what we had which was an abundance of Good. As the door begins to close on this year take a moment to reflect back upon all of the Good times in which God has given us in abundance and you will see that even out of the most difficult of times you were always surrounded by Good waiting for you to take notice of its presence. If you find that you are struggling to identify the Good times then you must first remove the blinders from your eyes for your attention is fixated on only the bad and you are in denial about the Good that God has surrounded you with in abundance. Therefore, you must get out of your own way before you can successfully move forward into the next year with a clear understanding that with God in your Life all is Good for God Is Good All The Time. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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