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God Blessed Morning Family! 

As we great this New Year some of us will return to our normal behaviors and some of us will see it as a call to action for change. In the days to come they will attempt to follow through on taking the necessary steps to fulfill resolutions in which they made to change their behaviors, thoughts and actions in the new year. Whether we are pleased with our Lives before the clock struck midnight or if we desired to change there is one thing which will always remain consistent and that is the unconditional Love of God. For as we greet each new day in the new year we will strive to make changes for the better and some attempts will be successful and some will not be, but what matters is that we are exactly where we are to be for He has defined our destiny. We might not be pleased with our status or location in life but it is necessary to understand that these things do not define who we are, for we are Children of God and this will never change. For He will never forsake us nor will He ignore our prayers, He is present at All times and no matter what our circumstane the one thing that will never change is His Love for it will remain constant and unconditional. He is never displeased with us for He Knows our heart. We may desire change for we are not satisfied with ourselves and we will make revolutions to change for what we see to be better but Know that God sees you as perfection and not in need of change. For we cannot really change what God has created. We are capable of suppressing or highlighting features we already possess but they will always remain within for He has created us in His Light. Therefore regardless if you succeed in fulfilling your resolutions to change or you are content with your current status He will always remain unchanged and present for His Love for you is unconditional and that will never change. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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