God Blessed Morning Family! 

As we move into the new year give Praise to God for answering our prayers over the past year and allowing us to continue to see His works in the new year. Although you may not see the results of your prayers know that He has heard them and has placed things in motion to bring forth your desires. Be aware that He knows your desires for He Knows your heart, and He is putting people and situations in your path to see that your prayers are answered within His Divine Order of Time. Praise Him and give Thanks for His Mercy and Grace has brought you thus far and your journey continues with Him not only by your side but surrounding and Within you. Fear not what the future of the new year holds for God will see that nothing can stop you from fulfilling your destiny, for He will see to it that you have all the tools, people and conditions to succeed. All of our past achievements are great and would not have been accomplished if He did not desire, for nothing in Life is to take place without His consent. You may question the things which occur that you see as bad, but know that in His eyes nothing is bad for it is all necessary to achieve a final outcome. We see the crucifixion of Jesus as bad but it served a greater purpose. We see Judas' actions as bad but it was necessary in order to push Christ into His greatness. We tend to see death as a bad thing but it is also necessary in order to gain Eternal Life. It is difficult to look at loss, disasters and devastation with a clear understanding of what good will come from its occurrence but there are times in which we must be brought to our knees to witness His greatness and to have Faith in His ability to turn what we find impossible possible. Praise Him regardless of whether you are experiencing good or bad times for it is all good, for His works will always be for the betterment of all mankind. Praise Him for He sees the good in you. Praise God for allowing you to see your good through the bad. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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