God Blessed Morning Family! 

As we begin the New Year there are increased desires to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is commonly done through exercise, a sensible and balanced diet, but this alone is not enough. For God has given us rest as a main staple of our daily diet, but it remains overlooked and given the least consideration in our lifestyle routine. There is a popular statement of there being no rest for the weary, but this goes against God's actions when He rested on the sixth day as well as how He has programmed our bodies to not only regenerate but also recuperate from exertion of our energy as we labored throughout the day. Rest is not just important for the physical aspect of our temple but also for our mental, emotional and most of all Spiritual wellbeing. For when we lack rest we lack a sense of balance in all of these areas of our Life. For our focus will be convoluted and cause us unnecessary stress and strain in areas of our Life where none is needed. The simple act of resting ones temple interacts with the resting of the mind and Soul. For when we are well rested we are energized and capable of fulfilling our destiny in the manner in which He has defined in His Master Plan. Rest overall is a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle for it helps us to maintain a balance of our physical, mental and Spiritual state of Being so that during our journey we are clear in our thoughts and actions as we are exposed to the things in which we cannot control but with a healthy balanced lifestyle including rest we are more capable of controlling our response through physical energy, mental clarity and Spiritual connection all obtained through the resting of our temple and Soul. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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