God Blessed Morning Family! 

There is One God and although He may be called by many different names we all worship and praise the same God our Father, Creator of Life and Master of the universe, the One and only Power above us all. As there is One God He is Within all of us for we are One in Spirit, but we are also many individuals which stand as one for we all have the same agenda and that is to Love God and each other. Although we are many and we speak many different languages and worship Him in our own way we have the same Faith that He will answer each of our Prayers for although we are many to Him we are one in Spirit. This does not mean that He sees us as one physical body, mind and Soul for He has made us each unique and just as there is one God there will always be one of us for there will never be another for what He has created in us can never be duplicated, and although we are One in Spirit we will never be one in heart, body and mind. For it is required that we each serve a specific purpose in which we are to contribute to His Master Plan. It is within His Master Plan where we as individuals perform a specific task which is interconnected with each other's tasks causing the universe to receive our actions all together as an act of one Spirit for our Father, our Creator, our One true God. "But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit." Corinthians 6:17 Be Still And Know That I Am.

Amen. Hallelujah.  

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