God Blessed Morning Family! 

There is a difference between being in His Light, Being of His Light and Walking in His Light. For when we are in His Light we are protected and our path is guided, and when we are of His Light this is our foundation and that in which we are created from, but when we walk in His Light this is where we cast our fears aside and we Live our Lives in Faith alone, and each step we take is in Faith and there is no hesitation for we Know That we can do all things through Him which strengthens us. It is one thing to be religious and read the Word of God faithfully, but it is another thing to act upon your Faith. For there are those who preach and pray the word and those who Live it. No matter if you have little Faith, no Faith or Live in your Faith there is no difference in His level of Love and Faith in you. For if He lacked Faith in you He would have not ordained your destiny, for failure does not exist in His Master Plan only success. The sacrifice of Christ is a success for if not for this act our Souls would have not been saved. For Jesus not only walked in Faith He Lived it for when it came time for His sacrifice He did not question His path, nor did He attempt to compromise, He continued along the path to fulfill His destiny for He is the Light of God, never to go dim in the face of a situation that might not appear favorable. For it is understood that we are of His Light and should Live our Lives accordingly even when we find ourselves in situations in which we rather not be in this is the time to recognize the difference between being in His Light, Being of His Light and Walking in His Light. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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