God Blessed Morning Family! 

Although there are some who do not know or believe in God He not only Knows them He believes in them. Can you imagine a Life without God? I could not for a Life without God means I would not exist. Although there are atheists who proclaim that God does not exist they cannot truly define the reason they exist, for these are people who require physical proof to acknowledge that there is a higher power other than themselves. God does not begrudge them for their beliefs nor does He forsake them for their ignorance of His existence, for they Know not what they do. For those who sacrificed Christ did not believe in His existence as well and God did not forsake them then as He will not forsake those who deny Him today. For His Grace and Mercy is bestowed upon all and not only a few, and although we have the ability and freedom to choose what we believe a Life without God is a void of Light. Not because He has chosen to remove the Light from those that don't believe in Him but because they refuse to acknowledge His Light Within themselves and those in which they encounter throughout their journey. A Life without God is no Life at all for it is a journey of darkness filled with limits and temptation to believe in the abilities of man and man alone which is a sad and morbid state of affairs. For truly a Life without God would mean that you and I would not exist for nothing can Live without His Light and nothing can exist without His creation, for our presence in Life is to not just exist but to serve a greater purpose defined by Him for He not only believes in us He Lives within us for He is the Light that gives us Life. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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