God Blessed Morning Family! 

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, listen and you shall hear. God hears our Prayers, but do we listen for His answers? It is one thing to Pray and ask God for favor and it is another thing to listen to hear His response. God hears everything we say in Prayer but He also hears what we say with our heart, mind, body and Soul for He is a comprehender of every language. At times we feel He is not listening because we do not see our Prayers coming to fruition, and this is only because we do not listen to His response to our Prayers. When you Pray do you pause to listen for His response? For if you did you would hear Him every time, for He speaks to us in many ways because He understands that we do not always have Faith in believing what we hear, feel or see. If you want to hear God's response to your Prayer all you have to do is listen and you will hear His response in your head, remove your blinders and you will see His response before you, Be Still And you will feel His presence. The voice you hear may sound like your own but you will soon understand that it is not for although He speaks to us in a tone that we can understand the information which is provided is specific and detailed enough for us to Know that God Is speaking to us and acknowledging that He has heard our Prayers. Some people tend to pray continuously never giving pause to hear His response. Can you imagine having a conversation with someone and you never get a word in edgewise? Well this is what it is like for God to hear our Prayers and we never pause to hear His answers, this is why He sends His response in many different forms for He understands that we are so focused on saying our Prayers we never stop to hear His voice and therefore He uses our other senses to see, touch, smell, feel, taste and our Spiritual connection to receive His response. If you want to hear His response to your Prayers just Be Still And listen with your heart, mind, body and Soul for He will never ignore or forsake you and He will always answer when you call upon Him. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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