God Blessed Morning Family! 

One of the worst feelings is to have doubt in yourself but the second most worst is to have doubt in your Prayers. To have doubt means that you do not have Faith in yourself nor in the Power of God. If we listen when we Pray we will hear God answer us immediately, but the answer comes so fast we question whether we heard it or if it is our voice in which we heard. I have learned that when I Pray the first voice I hear is the answer and the second is my own voice questioning whether or not to have Faith in the first voice. Since we tend to have this form of doubt God will show us signs throughout the day which is confirmation that the first voice was the answer to our pray. The confirmation may come in the form of a song on the radio or a sign we see in traffic or even a statement made by a co-worker or complete stranger. God will utilize all of our senses to give us confirmation in His word and remove all doubt in which we tend to hold onto. We tend to find comfort in our ability to doubt ourselves and the Power of God for if we doubt we don't have to challenge our flesh. We have come accustomed to relying on what we see more than what we feel and hear. Most of you will have difficulty believing that God speaks to you and answers your prayers for you think you are not worthy of receiving His message, but if you think about it why would He not speak to you the way He spoke to those who have documented their interaction with Him in the pages of the scripture. What makes them any different than you, for we are all His Children. The only difference is you doubt that you are worthy and they knew that they were. Remove all doubt and allow your Spirit to be receptive to hearing His answers to our Prayers. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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