God Blessed Morning Family! 

Although we may not understand it nor like it pain servers a purpose in our Lives. As Children pain served to teach us a lesson of safe not safe and fight or flight, for when the stove is hot the sting of pain tells us not to put our hands near the flames, and when we fall off of our bike our scraped knee tells us that we must remember to balance ourselves much better so we that we do not fall again. As we grow into adulthood we tend to understand that physical pain and emotional pain are both detrimental to our mind, body and Soul. We even understand that the sacrifice in which Jesus made was more than a Spiritual transition but also one of tremendous and intense physical pain. Now we say why would God allow His son to endure such pain when He could have relieved Him of it in an instant or never allowed Him to feel it at all?  The answer is that the pain was not for Jesus to endure but for us to understand the depth of His sacrifice and what God was willing to endure so we can understand the value of our Souls. Pain is something we would all choose to avoid but it does serve a greater purpose under all circumstances in which it is experienced. For when we feel physical and/or emotional pain we seek help and regardless if it is mental or physical help we seek we still call on God to give us relief for we Know he can endure what our mind, body and Soul cannot, for there is always good in the pain in which we must endure, for our suffering is never in vain. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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