God Blessed Morning Family! 

Everyday we are witnesses to the self destruction of man at his own hands. 

Don't allow your fears and frustrations with others to destroy your desires for a better future. It is understandable to become frustrated when you witness someone with talent and a lot of potential go astray. It is even more difficult when that person is a loved one that is going in a direction in which you know is not good for them and no matter what you say to them they will not change their path. Now envision this loved one being your child and no matter what you do they continue down that wrong path. If you find the though of seeing your child's future being destroyed by their own hands and there is nothing you can do about it not only frustrating but devastating think about how God felt when He made the decision to place Christ amongst us. His decision to sacrifice Christ was not born out of frustration with controlling the destiny of Christ it was more than likely out of seeing His Children being lead astray by false prophets and their insistence upon defying His Word. The decision to give us His only Son was not born from the need to sacrifice someone to show us how great He is but it was necessary to save us from ourselves. For if not for Christ we would have continued on our own path to destruction without any possibility of being saved from ourselves. I am saying this because even after the sacrifice of Christ we are still in need of being saved from ourselves but it is a different form of saving. For today we just need to learn to get out of our own way and allow God to lead us. Once we understand that we are our brother's keeper but not his Shepherd then we will no longer be frustrated witnessing the decisions we see them make which we feel are harmful to them. For when they eventually fall God will allow us the opportunity to be there to help them get up, but only He can guide them back to the path which is illuminated with His Light. Release your frustrations and allow God to shepherd our Souls, for we are our brother's keeper but not his guide for we all have our own seperate journey which ultimately leads us to our destiny. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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