God Blessed Morning Family! 

As we go through the routines of our day it is difficult to be aware of our surroundings, for only what is different will stand out. It is humane for us to at times become robotic in our actions to the point we do not focus on what we are doing because it is a repetitive behavior that does not require much thought. Unfortunately this also becomes our process as we Pray to God, for at times what we Pray for becomes so repetitive that we don't put much thought into changing the words or even the manner in which we pray. If routine and repetitive behaviors in prayer are displayed by us then how will we recognize if our prayers are being answered, for if we don't see a change in our environment will we take another route to seek one out? What I am saying is for example if you are praying for God to elevate your status in Life but you continue to follow the same path then how will you know when to change directions in order for your path to be changed? If you are praying for God to give you a better life what actions are you putting in place to show Him that you Know He is moving you in that direction. Its like praying to lose weight but your diet and exercise routine remains the same. For it is clear that if you pray for change but continue the same behavior it is unlikely that you will experience change unless you put some effort into gaining the change you desire. Yes, God said ask and you shall receive but you must also open your hands and release what you are holding onto in order to receive the new and in this case you must release your old repetitive routine in order to see and become aware of the changes in which God has placed before you. Don't ask God for something if you are not willing to.put in the work in order to achieve it, for your efforts will be the difference between success and status quo. For it is the change in our routine that shows we are stepping out in Faith. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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