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God Blessed Morning Family! 

One of the worst thoughts you can have about yourself is that you are not worthy. Knowing your worth gives honor to God and acknowledges that you understand He has created you not only out of Love but He also Knows you were worth the sacrifice of His only begotten Son. To look down upon yourself and not see the greatness that He has placed Within you is to deny His greatness as well for He has created us in His image. God did not create you in vain nor did He create you to be a place filler, He created you for a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill. For you are unique and although you may not think so or can comprehend how great you are at this very moment God Knows you are and for that reason He has created you and defined your path within His Master Plan. Knowing your worth is the key to moving beyond your fears and facing Life with an understanding that nothing can keep you from your destination for what God has for you is for you. Understand that if you did not serve a greater purpose other than to exist you would not exist for God's efforts are deliberate and with purpose. We may feel at times that we are not special but this is because our environment has programmed us to feel this way, but the truth is that we all serve a special purpose that is greater than what we can imagine for His defined purpose for us does not just rely on our earthly presence it also relys on our Spiritual Being and our connection with one another as well as with God. Don't take your existence lightly for we are all here to serve a greater purpose and He has found us all to be worthy of the role in which He has defined and ordained within His Master Plan. Know your worth and you will not only honor God you will Know God for you are not only made in His image He is Within you. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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