God Blessed Morning Family! 

Waiting is not a sign of procrastination nor is it laziness, it is the action of Being Still. When you wait on God only good things can occur, for with God all things are good for He is Good All The Time. Showing patience is a sign of Faith and understanding that with God in your Life all things are possible. When we attempt to force a situation to occur before its time nothing good will come from it for we are pursuing it without the guidance of God. Practicing patience shows that we understand the forces of His Divine Order of Time and how nothing occurs out of that order. Therefore when we say something happened at the wrong time it is never the wrong time for God it only means we were not ready or prepared for it to occur. Know That God waits for no one nor does His time, but He does offer us His patience, understanding and Grace to move us forward at the right moment in time for we may not be mentally ready but we will always be Spiritually ready to handle whatever comes our way. For He is never untimely nor does He gives us more than we can handle for He is our Shepherd and He is always on time. We must be patient when we see things are not working out as we have planned for that is the moment in which we must turn to God and wait for His timing is destined for it is what makes up His Master Plan. Wait on God and you will never go wrong for His Word is written in His Master Plan. Be Still And Know That I Am   Amen Hallelujah.

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