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God Blessed Morning Family! 

In John 16 Christ spoke unto His disciples and told them that in a little while they shall not see Him, but in a little while they shall see Him. He also told them that the world will give them tribulation but He has concurred the world. To someone who does not Know God this message can be a bit confusing for it appears that both statements cancel each other out but if you are paying close attention you will be able to comprehend what He is saying is you will not be forsaken. In the first statement He is saying you may not see me in the flesh but I will always be amongst you for I have never left your side and once you understand this you will see me in everyone and everything for I Am everyone and everything, for I Am also Within you. In the second statement He is saying that in this Life you will face difficulties but fear not for these difficulties will not overcome you for He has concurred them all for He is your Shepherd, and your Savior, for no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Why did these two passages stand out to me, because they are both similar in their message. For when you Know God you will understand that He is always by your side for you are never alone for He will never forsake you and when you step out in Faith you will also understand that nothing will stand in your way nor will you be defeated in your efforts for you are stepping into the path in which He has defined for He has sent His only begotten Son to clear the path and even though He was crucified He never left your side for you shall never be alone nor forsaken. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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