God Blessed Morning Family! 

How do you make sense out of something that is senseless? This is a question that crosses my mind when I hear of tragedies that afflict us on a daily basis. My thoughts take me back to what was seen as a tragedy but was meant for the betterment of all mankind which is the sacrifice of Christ, but as I think this I am quickly reminded that the tragedies we witness today are not the case. For today's tragedies are not born out of Love they stem from hatred and not hatred of others but self hatred. Although those that witnessed the crucifixion of Christ were of mixed feelings and emotions they later saw how in His death there was a great understanding of unconditional Love. Today we witness tragedies and wonder what is the point behind such suffering. I don't claim to have the answers to these questions but I do see these incidents as a cry for help. For we say we are followers of the word of God but there are those amongst us who follow a different path and at times the choices they make cause us harm and bring us grief in which we feel we are not willing or prepared to face. In the tragedies of today there are no words that can sooth our pain or answer our questions of why, but the only thing that can give some relief is an understanding that we can make a difference by not only Loving those who Love us but also Loving those who don't Love us or themselves. For not everyone Loved Christ because if they did they would not have chosen to sacrifice Him, but most of all those that did sacrifice Him did not Love themselves either for it is said that hurt people hurt others and people who don't Love themselves cannot Love others as well, for we must Love ourselves before we can truly Love another. I pray that out of this tragedy we can learn to Love one another unconditionally and most importantly learn to Love ourselves.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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