God Blessed Morning Family! 

In God's eyes we are accountable for our actions, no matter if we deny it or blame others our actions are based on our decision to act. When Adam bit the forbidden fruit he made a conscious decision to do as such, but when he was before God he attempted to blame his actions on the coercion of Eve. Adam's excuse for going against God's word was not acceptable and he was held accountable for his actions. We will all face God one day and answer for our actions, the question is what will be your response. Will you blame others for your actions and give excuses such as Adam or will you take responsibility for your behavior? Not every action is well calculated or thought out in a positive state of mind for we are emotional beings that tend to allow our emotions to drive our actions. Because someone wrongs you and you choose to retaliate because you feel it is just is not a reason to justify your actions that go against God's word of Loving each other. For when you stand before God the explanation of actions based on someone doing it first unto you is not justifiable for God made you an individual and independent thinker and behavior in which you are to be held accountable for. We will all be held accountable for our actions small or big, good or bad. We will also be held accountable for our inaction so don't think if you stand on the sidelines and do nothing that you will not be required to account for your lack of action. For the point is that God created us to be of action, but our actions are to come from a place of Love, but because we live in the flesh we must overcome our desires of the flesh and see ourselves for the Spiritual Beings that we are and Know That we have the ability to rise up above our emotions and act in a manner in which we Know That when we face God we will be able to take responsibility for our actions and not make excuses. Live each day so that you do not have to make excuses for your actions when you come face to face with God. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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