God Blessed Morning Family! 

No matter what you do your Spirit cannot be held accountable by man, for we were not created to answer to man. During the course of our journey somehow we became mesmerized by each other and thought our destiny included the task of making an impression upon one another, when the truth is that we are not here to impress one another. Your riches or lack thereof are not meant to impress or intimidate anyone for your purpose is to follow the Word of God.  If you find that you become wealthy along the way it does not mean that God loves you more or anyone less for it is not meant to impress your brethren for you are to remain Loving to the Children of God and not the material things in which you can accumulate with your begotten wealth for they come and go but Love of your brethren is eternal. For we are accountable to God and not man and our actions are to be based on the Love in which He has instilled within us and not that of the material things in which man looks to mark our level of success. For our success is not measured by man nor is it by the material objects we surround ourselves with for our success is based on our ability to follow the Word of God and remain accountable to Him. Man may pass laws in an effort to maintain control but these laws do not supersede the Words of God, for if you continue to follow man you will turn away from the Word of God and begin to worship man. Moses, Noah and Job never followed the path of man for they silenced their judgmental chatter and remained accountable only to God. This is something in which we have lost touch with along the way and is one of the key reasons for the strife, chaos, struggle and pain we endure for we forgot to listen to God and remain true to His Word for if we did we would see that our struggles occur only when we go against His Word and allow ourselves to be accountable to man and not God. Don't worry about the judgment of man, put God first and all your needs shall be met and your worries, pain and strife will fall behind you for His Word supersedes all that man can offer, for you are held accountable by Him and no one else. Be Still And Know That I Am.  



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