God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is one thing to have pride and be proud of yourself, others and the accomplishments achieved but it has no place or merit in Spirit. For what can a Spirit do with pride, for there is no need or use for it in the afterlife nor is it useful in the present. Only to the flesh is pride recognized and used to boost the ego, for there is no other way to use it but to reassure oneself that your status in the physical is of a certain level, which is a measurement of oneself against others. Those others being Children of God and in His eyes we are all of the same level and His Love does not have room for pride, for pride requires conditions and His Love is unconditional. To use pride in reflection of self and of past doings is not uncommon but to use it as a measure of one's abilities over another puts to question as to why you feel the need to measure yourself against man when God has made you an individual with distinctly unique qualities and specific goals, for no two are the same and measurements are futile for the differences in Spirit are not only apparent but abundant. Pride has no place in your destiny nor should it have a place in your presence for its only purpose is to measure your achievements against man, and these achievements in which God has bestowed upon you are ordained within His Master Plan. Therefore, He has not written your purpose to be of conquering one another which is in direct conflict of His Word of achieving your ordained destiny in which pride does not play a role for His Love conquers all, for it is without conditions. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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