God Blessed Morning Family! 

We are all travelers on different pathways that will eventually lead us to our destiny. We might make wrong turns along the way but this is all part of our Spiritual growth process for eventually we will see that God will right all of our wrongs with the support of detours when necessary. Our travels are Spiritual so it does not matter that we are confined physically for the Spirit has always been free to roam, for Jesus not only traveled by foot in the physical He also touched many of places during His Spiritual journey. Do not delay in your travels when you find that your physical journey has stalled due to external circumstances for they only serve to keep you bound mentally but what they can never do is stop your Spirit from soaring beyond any restrictions in which man has created. We were created to be constant travelers for the Lord is our Shepherd and He is watching over us in every capacity but most of all He is connected to us Spiritually and does not hesitate to cast His Light to illuminate our pathway along this journey. Just as Christ traveled without worry so are we to do as such, for all of His creations were given Spirits that are unbound and destined to travel and complete their journey no matter what the circumstances. Noah, Moses and Lot all traveled through difficult circumstances under the protection of God and Jesus continues to travel for the betterment of mankind for He is Within us throughout our physical, mental and overall Spiritual travels. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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