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God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is a Divine Act of God to be able to give and receive. For it is an incredible feeling to be of service to those in need, and humbling to be a recipient on the other end receiving the good will of others. If ever you feel you are giving to much of yourself and not on the receiving end enough you might just be, but give it some thought and verify if you have allowed others the opportunity or chance to give or be of service to you. We must be cautioned about the addictive feelings of jubilation that comes with helping others and allow them the opportunity to be able to feel just as good by being able to assist us as well. God pours out and abundance of service upon us, but He also Knows when to cease and allows us to face our fears and step out in Faith and reach for our desires in Life, for these are the moments we fall down but find the courage to get back up. For He is with is every step of the way but will only carry us partially when we feel we can't go on any longer, but this feeling only lasts for a moment in time for He is there to help us go on giving us the strength we thought we did not have to proceed. For we may not see man giving us in equivalent to what we give but note we are always on the receiving end of what God has to give, for He never tires and it is in His make up to give us and receive our Souls into eternity, for this is the ultimate form of giving and receiving.  For the joy we feel when we give is an expression of the Love we hold deep within our Soul and this is why the act of giving and receiving is an act of the highest level of His Divine Order. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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