God Blessed Morning Family! 

Time waisted is regrettable, but is even more regrettable is time waisted in anger. For an angry person is a foolish person for they are allowing a situation they cannot control to disengage them from the Love of God. For we cannot say we Love God although we are angry with His Children. Spending time focusing on the reason we choose to be angry gains us nothing positive in return, for anger is known to negatively impact the physical body, but also disrupt your state of mind from being at Peace. The longer you remain angry the more you put your mental, physical and Spiritual health at risk. Anger is a chosen response to situations that are beyond our control. So then why would you allow a situation in which you cannot control to control your reaction. I'm not suggesting that anger is not a necessary emotion for it does serve a purpose if we were in need of the power behind the emotion of whether we are to survive through a fight or flight reaction when faced with a dangerous situation. To dwell in anger and spend countless hours reliving the emotion is defeating on all levels of mental, physical and Spiritual aspects. Leave anger behind and utilize its energy to be productive in finding a positive coping mechanism that can assist you in coming to terms with issues that are out of control and have caused you to become angry in the first place. Time waisted in anger can never be regained and therefore, the less time you dwell on being angry the more time you have to connect and focus on the beauty God is giving you for your ashes. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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