God Blessed Morning Family! 

If you follow the Lord's Commandments you will not have a desire to give into Temptation. Temptation surrounds us on a constant basis and although we see others give in to its cunning ways and reap what appears to be beneficial it does not justify us following the same path. For each of us is given a specific and different path in which we will face challenges of our own which will tempt us to turn back or find an easier route, but what we must recognize when we are tempted is that this change is not a benefit to us for it is a hindrance to our Soul. We might not see it at the moment for we might be faced with desperation and a need in which we feel justifies us giving into temptation , but what we don't see at that moment is God giving us another way because temptation can be blinding and persuasive.  Although this alternate way may not be as glamorous or easy it is the way of God and any other way is not of God. For it is not God that tempts us to go against His Commandments it is the negative forces of the universe that want to see you fail in your journey and pick up shadows in which we find to be so regrettable that we no longer focus on the path in which God placed before us we give all our energy to focusing on how much we regret giving into that which tempted us. When Christ walk the Judaean desert alone for 40 days He was tempted by evil to turn His back upon God and choose an easier path all He had to do is deny the Word of God. I would hate to think of what our Lives would be today if Christ would have given into this temptation. For if He gave in we would not Know God and a Life that is void of God is not a Life at all. Resist what you are tempted to do which does not follow the Commandments of God and your journey would not be filled with thoughts of regret but filled with the Joy of overcoming temptation. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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