God Blessed Morning Family! 

God commands that we Love one another, and although we understand the importance of this we still fail to do as such. For we make excuses that the other person is to blame when we don't Love them. We make statements in which we feel we can rationalize our feelings about those we do not show Love and we attempt to justify our behavior by making excuses based on the other persons past, and/or present behavior. Like the children we are we point our fingers and throw stones although we live in a glass house. That meaning what we normally find to be unacceptable behavior or character of another person is the part of us in which we are avoiding. For it is found that what we don't like in others is a characteristic of ourselves in which we don't Love. Therefore it is true that we must Love ourselves first before we can Love another, for if we cannot Love these similar characteristics in which we see in others and we refuse to see them in ourselves then we must consciously make an effort to Love ourselves and others in spite of our similarities in which we dislike. It is called breaking the mold of the past and present generational behaviors and accepting thyself and others for who we are. For to Love God is to Love thyself and to Love thyself is to Love others. Be Still And Know That I Am.  

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