God Blessed Morning Family! 

The ability to share is a blessing from God, for it gives us an opportunity to know the joys of giving. Sharing has nothing to do with financial wealth for if it did Jesus would have not been successful in sharing His Knowledge of God and Blessings amongst us. Sharing comes from the heart for it is an act of Love which does not require reciprocity. In order to share with one another we must be willing to become vulnerable to receive rejection for not all that we share is openly and willfully received in the same Light in which it is given. For to share is to give Love and not everyone is open to receiving Love for they have never experienced someone openly giving unto them without the expectation that there might be something expected in return. This is why when Christ walked the earth and shared His wealth of Knowledge and Love with those He came into contact with they had difficulty receiving Him in their hearts for they had never experienced unconditional Love. Those who crucified Him felt they must do away with Him for they knew they could not open their hearts and return this same level of Love for it would expose them to rejection and make them appear weak. Because the act of sharing comes without any expectations most of us find it hard to be in the receiving end for it demands that we do nothing in return, leaving us in a place in which we feel humbled, but that is not the intention behind sharing. For when we share we are paying forward the abundance of Love in which God has placed Within. It does not require anything in return. When Jesus feed the masses with five loaves of bread and two fish in which He prayed over and multiplied, His purpose was not to feed their physical hunger. He was sharing in order to nourish their Souls with Love for it was never expected for them to feed Him in return. Open your heart and share the Love Within and you will see that receiving Love from others is not necessary for the act of sharing is simply the act of Loving one another. Be Still And Know That I Am.  



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