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God Blessed Morning Family!  

If you find yourself wandering in the darkness after you have turned on the light it is not that you are blind but that you are not focusing on what God has placed before you. There are times in which we search for answers and people to Love when all along the answer and the person has been right before our eyes always in our presence but we had failed to see the forest for all the trees. Don't miss an opportunity to connect with God because you are so busy seeking Him, for He is right before your eyes. For everything you see is from God and holds a message from Him. Don't discount any experience or encounter as a coincidence for there is no such things, for everything you see and experience is part of His Master Plan. For God does not have to appear before our eyes to prove that He exists for we are a testament of His existence along with everything we see before us. Those that seek Him have not removed their blindfold, for they have chosen to ignore not only His presence before their eyes but also Within them. For there are those who ignore the fact that they are Spiritual Beings first and foremost and although they are having a physical experience they will always be a Spiritual Being into eternity. For it is our adaptation to the physical body that refuses to open our Spiritual eyes and heart to see that God has always been right before our eyes. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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