God Blessed Morning Family! 

Come as you are for God does not care about your physical appearance it is your Soul in which He seeks. To a particular group in society you might meet the social standards in which they find acceptable to eat at their table, but God holds us to no standard for He accepts us as we are. On earth we may endure discrimination and segregation based on our skin color, gender, religion or economic status, but for God these things mean nothing. For we are made in His image and He will never reject us for our color or gender, and even though some may not Know Him or even worship Him it does not matter for He Knows our heart and He worships us as we are. When Jesus walked this earth He did not change His appearance to be accepted in the towns in which He ministered nor did He tell His disciples they needed to do as such before they could follow Him for He received them as they were. He did not require the sick in which He healed to change their appearance before He could heal them for He accepted them as they were. Don't ever feel that you must change your appearance in Life to be accepted by anyone for you are made in the image of God and anyone that does not accept you is not accepting of God. Don't ever let society or your ego tell you that you are not good enough, for no matter what our financial, mental, physical or Spiritual status none of that matters to God for all that He asks is that you come as you are. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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