God Blessed Morning Family! 

Physical Life begins with a breath from God but our Spiritual Life is the timeless eternal Light of God. We may see Life as being to short or fleeting but what we don't understand is that every Life serves a purpose in His Divine Order of Time. No Life is wasted for it is created to fulfill a specific task that is ordained prior to the taking of the first breath. For He shall not forsake us nor will He create us in vain, and although we may see each other as unproductive and insignificant God created us out of necessity not vanity. For every Child of God has a destiny that is ordained and although man might be of the opinion that our roles are of no or little value we all play a role so significant that our journey would not be the same if one of us did not exist. We might see Life as fleeting but what we fail to see is the significance in the Life that is ordained for our physical and Spiritual Life, for physical moments might be fleeting but they serve a greater purpose beyond what you can see in the physical. Even if you Live one second it means that within that one second you made an impact on not only those around you but also a ripple effect has occurred in the universe. For no energy formed by God can be depleted nor replaced even if it existence was not noticed or felt by others it remains a part of the energy in the universe that surrounds us on a constant basis. For the Life in which God has created no man can destroy, and everything that exists serves a significant purpose that impacts us beyond what we can see. So don't get caught up in the physical Life moments for they are fleeting but the Spiritual Life moments are eternal.   Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.

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