God Blessed Morning Family!  

It is said that You are the Master of your universe, this statement can be interpreted to mean that only You can control your emotions and how you perceive that which is occurring around you. For only you can control your reaction to what you are experiencing, for no two people see or experience things in the exact same manner. Two people riding in a car might be involved in a car accident in which no one is injured and one person might become hysterical and begin to cry while the other is calm and takes control of the situation. Neither reaction is wrong or bad but what is occurring is each person is rreacting to the situation in a manner in which they find some comfort or familiarity. When Christ was facing crucifiction He could have wailed His arms, screamed and attempted to escape but He choose to endure the circumstances and began to ask for forgiveness of those who trespassed against Him. In this way He took control of the situation the best way in which He saw befitting of His circumstances. For your destination is ordained but what you do along the way when faced with difficult circumstances is an emotionally defining moment in your journey. When we find ourselves in unfavorable circumstances it is necessary to determine how we will deal with it on an emotional level, for this we can control. If you see that breaking down and crying will give you the comfort you need at the moment then do as such and if you feel being calm and taking control will benefit you then proceed to do  as such, for God is not judging you. There is no prescription or set of instructions on how we should react under difficult circumstances for God has given us the ability to control our emotions, for He does not judge us on whether we are weak or strong, for all that matters to Him is that we are His Children and He will be there for us no matter how we choose to behave, for He has made us the Masters of our emotions. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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