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God Blessed Morning Family! 

As we approach the rainy season the cliche of April rain showers brings May flowers crosses my mind for it is true that rain serves a greater purpose in our Lives. We may become discouraged because it may cause delays in our travels but rain is a necessity in our Lives for it serves to not only water the flowers but it also serves to cleans our surroundings and quench our thirst, while at the same time slow our pace, which is often necessary. God produced rain to serve more than one purpose, for if you only look at its physical properties then you can only see it for its element of being wet and having an origin of hydration and nutritional value. When we look at rain for its symbolic properties we see that the cleaning properties are a way of releasing us from that which binds and restricts our Spiritual movement. For rain has many ways to serve our Spirit and Soul for its rhythmic sound brings soothing and relaxation to tense situations and it also serves to cool down the temperature bringing in relief from the heat but also helping to release our restrictive thoughts and allow our creative thoughts to flow. Although rain is a temporary change in the weather and climate it served Noah in understanding how He should always follow the Word of God no matter what pressures man places upon you to conform to his surroundings. For when Noah commenced with the building of the Ark there was not a drop of rain in sight, but because no one else could see that He was fulfilling his purpose they mocked and attempted to shame him for acting different. We may not understand everyone's purpose but it is not for us to say that their purpose holds no value, for just like the rain is not always understood or welcomed it holds a significant purpose in our Lives that is physical and Spiritual, for just like the rain will bring storms into our Lives the clouds will eventually part and usher in brighter days. For as we are going through the storm we understand that this to shall pass for God's rain is more than wet and symbolic it is Life altering.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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