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God Blessed Morning Family! 

During the Spring time we are given the opportunity to witness the regrowth orvsome would say the rebirth of vegetation in which we though was dead. After the winter ice thaws we begin to see the flowers and crops spring forth from the earth and we begin to realize that what we once thought was dead has been reborn. To be reborn is an expression used by those who desire the opportunity to start anew in attempt to follow the Word of God. We will all fall short but Praise God that through His forgiveness of our trespasses He has also given us the opportunity to be reborn. To be reborn does not mean that you will not have to deal with the Karma in which you have generated prior to changing your ways but it does mean that you have come to terms with your actions and have accepted responsibility and you are prepared for what is to come knowing that God will be by your side to guide you through. Jesus describes rebirth as a farmer harvesting crops in which they will produce fruit once again when the season returns. "The earth produces of itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full grain in the head." Mark 4:28 This is similar to where man has produced energy and desires to turn it into good deeds once he realizes that he cannot change the past but he will have an opportunity to change his actions going forward after he has reaped what he has sown. For God is a forgiving God, and allows us the opportunity to change our path by changing our ways. Just like a crop is harvested it is also understood that as long as the roots are good it is capable of producing more fruit in the new season for it is given an opportunity to have a rebirth. Our soul is rooted in God and therefore, He will always allow us the opportunity to be reborn as many times as necessary. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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