God Blessed Morning Family! 

Prayer is a private conversation in which we have with God. Speak to Him as if He were in your presence and He will respond. Don't fear you do not have the right words to say for He understands every word, for it is not what you say but what radiates from your heart. Our words move us to act but it is our heart in which God responds to, for we can say things we don't mean but our heart will never hide our true feelings. Being in constant prayer means that you are connected to God and following His Commandments, for your actions also communicate to God that you are at His Will. In prayer we ask that God hear our voice and answer our prayers, but there are times in which we are so focused on our prayer we ignore all the signs from God that lets us know He has heard our prayer. For when He responds He does not do so in the flesh He gives us signs through our six scenes in which we can see His hand or hear His whispers through the voice we hear in our head or feel His presence for He is in constant contact with us for His choice of communication is not just verbal. Stay in constant prayer and you will begin to see that God is listening for He is constantly around you as your heart communicates with Him all that you desire. He will never leave your side for His Light resides Within you, for our prayers are for us they give us clarity, they are not for God for He already Knows our heart's desire. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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