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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Our Father . . .Thy Kingdom come Thy Will Be Done. Live your Life as if your prayers have already been answered by preparing your next step as if your prayers have been answered. In Life most of us get stuck in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen, anticipating that our next move will be based on what we expect to happen. The biggest glory you can give God is to Live your Life as if what you have prayed for has already happened. When we Pray, God hears every word and opens up the universe to place things in motion to fulfill our prayers. We might not see the changes coming about but we need to understand that our prayers are not in vain and our actions should be of Faith Knowing that God has heard our Prayers and is moving things in our favor. When we recall the things in which we have prayed for we should not ask again that they be done, we should thank God for putting the wheels in motion to assure that His Will Be Done. Repetitive prayers for the same thing shows a lack of Faith and a misunderstanding that God did not hear or receive our first prayer. Once you pray for something release it unto God and Know that it is done. It is human nature to want to see an immediate response to our Prayers but instead of showing doubt by asking again give a prayer of Thanks to God for hearing your prayer and allowing it to occur within His Divine Order of Time. While you wait for confirmation make every move that will prepare you for receiving what you have asked for in prayer. For example if you asked God for a better job start looking for a job that will fulfill your needs, take on additional tasks and or educational courses that will prepare your skills for the next job. If you ask Him for a home start looking in neighborhoods that you want to live in, price out the homes and work towards improving your savings, income and credit score to gain approval for the home when it comes available. Take the steps that will be necessary to prepare yourself for what God has for you, for when you Live your Life as His Will Shall Be Done, It Will Be Done in His name. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.


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365 Days of Affirmations

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