God Blessed Morning Family! 

The anticipation of what's to come can stir up feelings of doubt, insecurity and anxiety when we think we are not worthy of anything good. These thoughts are natural for someone who has fear of the unknown, but they should not be. When you put your Faith in God there is no need to think that what is to come will not be in your favor. For God wants and sees the best for us and there is no way in which He would give you anything less than the best. People feel that when bad or unfavorable things happen it is because God did not want us to succeed, but this is not true. Bad and unfavorable things happen for a multiple of reasons. One possible reason is that we had generated negative Karma for our past behaviors and it is time to reap what we have sown. Another possible reason might be combined with Karma or not, which is that the difficult time in which we are experiencing is to make us see how strong we really are with God by our side. For with every experience there is a lesson to learn, some we might find favorable and some we might find unfavorable, but just Know that through every moment God is by your side waiting for that moment in which you find the experience unbearable in which you call out to Him to bear all your pain and burdens. For He will not forsake you nor will He allow you to bear more than you can take, for what does not kill us will make us stronger and up until now we have survived the worst and have become stronger in the process. Know that we can do and face all things through Him who strengthens us, and anticipate  for the positive in each event and you will gain strength to take on the next one knowing that God is by your side and because He is the anticipated outcome is in your favor. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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