God Blessed Morning Family! 

When you speak to God are you filled with pride and ego or are you humbled and meek? Is there a proper way to speak to God? Some may choose to speak to Him as if He were a peer and others as if He were a long lost friend and others as if He were a stranger. I am not sure if it matters how you speak to Him as long as you do. I acknowledge that He is my Lord and Savior, my Father and my Shepherd, the Alpha and the Omega, all things and everything. It is understood that through family traditions everyone might have a different approach when it comes to communicating with God and therefore it is difficult to say that one way is more appropriate than the other. I do understand that through my communication with God I Am blessed to be allowed to see His hand, hear His whispers and feel His presence. This is not something that is granted if you know the key to communicating with God for He sends these same forms of communication to us all. Some of us are aware of His presence and some are not, but this has nothing to do with how you speak to Him. For as long as you are speaking to God He will be receptive to hear not only your voice but also your heart. Speak to God and He will respond and not take offence to your approach, tone or choice of words, for we are not all the same and our manner of communication is also different.  The best part about our uniqueness and differences in how we choose to speak to God is that He accepts and receives us as we are, where we are. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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