God Blessed Morning Family! 

Every now and then we all need reminding that Christ died for you. Most of us walk around feeling unworthy, low sense of self esteem, full of depression and lacking Faith in ourselves. This state of mind results in a state of being in which we deny the glory of our existence. Knowing that Christ died for you brings about an understanding that you are worthy of the highest of recognition in which you are known as a Child of God. This is not a self appointed title it is a God given birth right in which He has bestowed upon you and not by man. To be a Child of God means that your Soul is highly valued and favored, and therefore,  like Jesus you will be tempted to sin on a constant basis. It is our challenge to recognize our worth and make every attempt to turn away from sins which tempt us to corrupt our Soul. Remembering on a daily basis that Christ died for you will bring recognition to how highly your Soul is valued and bring clarity as to why we are being tempted by things of the flesh. Because we are not fully aware of the value of our Souls we don't understand the value of our presence in the flesh as well as in Spirit. Know that you are a Child of God and nothing can come in between that or change it. No matter what you do good, bad or indifferent you will always remain a highly valued and favored Child of God, for nothing is more clear than the Love in which God has for you than the fact that Jesus died for you. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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